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This page provides a history of significant events that happen at Fernhill Junior Soccer Club:


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2009   - Club renamed from Fernhill Junior Soccer Club to Fernhill Junior Football Club in line with direction of Football Australia. Old Logo upgraded to more modern logo with new name.        

2008   - 302 Registered players, 4 Grand Final winning teams, Club receives major sponsorship from Hino Australia, with sponsorship also from Illawarra Hino Albion Park.

2007    - 211 Registerd players

2006    - 237 Registered players

2001    - Ground renamed to 'Ray Robinson Field' after a very special person who devoted much of his time to improve the ground over his 18 years with the senior club.

1998    - 148 Registered players, Club president: Rob Hunter

1966    - Club relocated from Pop Errington Park, (Fernhill) to Towradgi Park.

Fernhill u16's - c1966

1964    - Club began preparing to move to a permanent home at Towradgi.

1960    - 13 Teams entered, issues encountered with the number of teams attempting to train play on one ground. Grounds at Fairy Meadow were used.

1957    - 7 Teams entered

1956    - 5 Teams entered

Fernhill u10's 1956 - Photo and info supplied courtesy of Phil Orphin
"We were called the Mighty Midgets - unbeatable.
As we went to a game in the back of Mr Beattie's truck we would sing:
Fernhill boys, Fernhill boys, Fernhill boys are we
We're always up to mischief wherever we may be
Teachers say we're lazy but they make a big mistake

Wherever you see a Fernhill boy he is always wide awake. Repeat until we got to the ground"

1955    - Fernhill Junior Soccer Club Inaugurated. A meeting was held to form the Junior Club. A donation of 10 pounds from the Senior Club launched the Juniors. 3 teams were entered, u10's, u/12's and u/14's. U/10's won the competition in their first year which drew many new players the following year.

1926    - Fernhill Soccer Club established, playing off 'Pop Errington' Park at Fernhill.


NAME Year Known Roles (incomplete)
Vince MASTERS *   Treasurer 1969
Mr K, COAD *   President 1969
Allan CARTER    
C CRAM    
Anthia GAUSDEN    
Ann MILLER    
Bill BOYCE    
Neil KEMP    
Mrs B MASTERS *    Ladies Auxiliary Sec 1960, Secretary 1969
Patricia RICHARDSON    
Robert HUNTER 1999 President, 1998,99, 2007-2009
Andrew ANDERSON 1999  
Phillip ARMSTRONG 1999  
Michelle HUNTER   Secretary 2007,2008
Eric WARDLE 2004 President 2006, V.President 2007
Sue WARDLE 2004  
Robert CORNWELL 2005 Junior V.President 2007

* Deceased