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Fernhill Junior Soccer Club Address

Ray Robinson Park, Towradgi Road or Moray Road, Towradgi
Postal Address: PO Box 91  Fairy Meadow  2519
email:  secretary@fernhilljuniors.com

Ground Location


It is the responsibility of the first team to play on each ground please put up the goal nets and corner posts. The  last team has the responsibility of taking down the nets. Parent assistance is required.


Boots and shin pads are required by players at training. Players should notify their coach if they are unable to attend training and/or matches. It is of upmost importance that coaches keep to their scheduled training time. DO NOT go over time as this affects every team that comes after yours. If you need to reschedule training YOU MUST see the committee to check the availability of time and areas. 

Code of Conduct

FJFC has an expectation that all coaches, players and parents will display high standards of behaviour. This includes:
Always respect the decision of match officials.
Be supportive of your team, win or lose, and applaud good sportsmanship and good efforts.
Never criticise players or officials for making a mistake.
Do not provide instructions to players from the side line as you may confuse them if their coach has told them something different.
Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour. Report any such behaviour to the ground official.

Ground Officials:

Each team must supply ground marshalls for their home matches. Parents are expected to volunteer as ground marshalls from time to time. Duties of the Ground Marshall are:

  • Wear the Official Fluro coloured vest and be generally in charge of the affairs of the ground. It is the responsibility of the visiting team to report any problems they may have (other than the referee) to the Ground Marshall.

  • At least 10 minutes before the game, a Ground Marshall shall verify each teamís team sheets to ensure each player has a valid registration card, has the correct registration number against their name, and is wearing the correct numbered jersey.

  • The Ground Marshall will ensure the appointed Referees make every effort to be on the field before the scheduled start time such that the match is not delayed.

  • The Ground Marshall shall circulate around the ground(s) to ensure that he/she is apparent to all present.

  • All persons at the ground will abide by any requests made by the Ground Marshall.

  • At the completion of the match, the Ground Marshall must sign the team sheet in the appropriate place.

  • In the event of a dispute, improper conduct, or foul & abusive language by any persons at the ground, then any requests made by the Ground Marshall shall be final and complied with immediately.

  • Reports of misconduct found by the Ground Marshall shall be in writing in the Incident Report Book located in the Canteen, and shall be forwarded to the Association by the Club Secretary to be actioned by the Board within 7 days of the incident.

  • The Ground Marshall has the full authority of a club official.

Lost Property:

Lost property should be handed to your team manager who should leave it in the canteen. Parents should check here when searching for lost items. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of season.

Match Times & Ball sizes

Under 6 - 15 minutes each way   -  Size 3 Ball

Under 7, 8 & 9 - 20 minutes each way - Size 3 Ball

Under 10, 11 & 12 - 25 minutes each way - Size 4 Ball

Under 13 & 14 - 30 minutes each way  (u13 Size 4,  u14 Size 5 ball)

Under 15 & 16 - 35 minutes each way  - Size 5 ball

Under 17 & 18 - 40 minutes each way. - Size 5 Ball



If you have any ideas or are in a position to arrange sponsorship through your place of business, please contact the committee.